The World’s 10 Oldest Living Trees

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  • The World’s 10 Oldest Living Trees

    Posted by Rachna on May 4, 2023 at 12:14 pm

    Many organisms can survive when they are colonial clonal trees, but there’s something magical when it comes to a single tree surviving for many thousand years, all by itself! It is worth noting that many of these trees are located in remote or protected areas, and are not necessarily easily accessible to the public. These are 10 oldest living trees in the world-

    Methuselah- a bristlecone pine tree, estimated to be over 4855 years old.

    Sarv-e Abarqu- a cypress tree in Iran, estimated to be over 4000 years old.

    Llangernyw Yew- a yew tree in the United Kingdom, estimated to be over 4000 years old, and still growing.

    Alerce- commonly called Fitzroya cupressoides, a species native to the Andes mountain.

    Patriarca da Floresta- found in Brazil, thought to be older than 2000 years.

    The Senetor- a bald cypress tree in Florida, estimated to be over 3500 years old.

    Olive Trees of Vouves- located on the Greek Island of Crete, estimated to be about 3000 years old.

    Jomon Sugi- a cedar tree in Japan, estimated older than 3000 years.

    Chestnut of Trees on One Hundred Horses- located in Sicily, it is the largest and oldest known chestnut tree in the world.

    General Sherman- a giant sequoia in California, estimated to be 2300 years old.

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