Why Community Matters So Much — And How to Find Yours

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  • Why Community Matters So Much — And How to Find Yours

    Posted by Rachna on May 11, 2023 at 10:04 am

    Summary: Humans, as social creatures, need interpersonal contact to survive. This article discusses the importance of having a community and how you can find one. To be part of a community, you must feel a sense of belonging (membership), feel like you make a difference to the group and that the group makes a difference to you (influence), feel like your needs will be met by other group members (integration and fulfillment of needs), and feel that you share history, similar experiences, time, and space together (shared emotional connection).

    This article reiterates that finding and becoming ingrained in a community doesn’t need to be an arduous task, but it does require time and self-reflection. Thus, they have come up with a few tips on how you could do that.

    • prioritize your interests and values
    • continually show up and add value to the group
    • put energy into others
    • don’t exhaust yourself by overindulging in multiple groups.

    Article Reference: https://www.vox.com/22992901/how-to-find-your-community-as-an-adult

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