The ‘Time Poverty’ That Robs Parents of Success

  • The ‘Time Poverty’ That Robs Parents of Success

    Posted by Rachna on May 11, 2023 at 9:58 am

    Summarize: “Time poverty” is the feeling of having too many tasks to complete and not enough time to do so. This has been a leading cause of low levels of wellbeing, physical health and productivity. This article mentions that it also increased during the COVID lockdowns. The time poor miss out on leisure activities and opportunities for self-improvement such as education and employment. The resulting economic poverty creates even more time poverty, trapping individuals in a cycle of low income and limited time. The pandemic has intensified the issue of time poverty by increasing the average working day and exacerbating the burden of unpaid work, particularly for working mothers. The stress and depression of overburdened parents skyrocketed, with women being twice as likely to lose their jobs due to a lack of childcare and to decrease their working hours.

    To reduce time poverty, real change is needed from both governments and employers, such as guaranteed paid vacation and parental leave, family leave, additional assistance for single parents and low-income families, and creating a work environment that supports employees’ needs.

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