7 Types of Rest That Every Person Needs

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  • 7 Types of Rest That Every Person Needs

    Posted by Rachna on May 4, 2023 at 12:15 pm

    We equate “rest” with “sleep”. However, there are times when we feel tired despite getting sufficient sleep. This article gives us an insight that we perhaps, are in need of some more rest than just physical.

    It speaks of 7 types of rest-
    Physical rest- which can be active or passive, like yoga and sleeping, respectively.

    Mental rest- short breaks throughout the day to rest your mind

    Sensory rest- intentional deprivation from sensations

    Creative rest- achieved by appreciating nature and arts more often

    Emotional rest- achieved by being authentic to our emotions and cutting back on people- pleasing habits

    Social rest- achieved by surrounding ourselves with supportive, positive people

    Spiritual rest- our ability to go beyond the superficiality and connect with love, belongingness and acceptance


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