Why did we create Balancify.life? Our Vision?

balance life

We are living in a world that is changing at a breakneck pace. Very few of us take the time to reflect on what is happening with our lives and if we are balancing them.

During our childhood, we would spend our entire summer in the countryside with no access to gadgets. We use to swim in a well, pick up mangoes on the farm, and play in the mud until it got dark. We used to sleep on the terrace listening to fables told by my grandparents. We had a lot of family time, community time, and hobbies time.

In the current environment, most of the time, many of us are glued to smartphones and even care less to talk to the person next to us, even in a social setting. We spend less time on ourselves, our community, or our friends.

Many realize that being fit physically and having mental peace is essential for having a happy life. But we believe you need more than those two to stay happy and have a balanced life. We should spend time with friends, family, on hobbies, groom ourselves for better career and live as a social animal as part of the community.

Balancify.life is our effort to build a community that is focused on holistic well-being and focus on the key things that are needed for holistic well-being. We have various social groups to share insightful content and a great forum to discuss ideas.

We want to build a community to help each other balance their lives!

What do you think of our mission? Share your thoughts.


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